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Welcome to Verifiable Truth
Our goal is to inform, educate and verify your rights as a Sovereign Citizen. The American Indian was the first Socialist Experiment in the United states. Currently here in our country and other countries this experiment has been planned for over 200 years to place everyone on the reservation known as CORPORATE GOVERNANCE also known as the ONE WORLD ORDER. Many of you believe you are protected by the constitution and bill of rights, however fraud has been placed upon you by GOVERNMENT through what is known as CORPORATE NAME or a special entity created by GOVERNMENT not God. If you would like to go down this rabbit hole of truth, we are here to show you how, explain the timelines, Statutory law,  Mandates, Orders, Administrative Policies and more. We are currently working with individuals and groups all over the United states and other countries.  With your help and action we can use this powerful information to correct the scales of justice, taxation while placing the POLITICAL AGENCIES on notice of continuous violations of the municipality and elected officials.
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